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Welcome to our course for The Nest project at the WixHub!

 Get support from experts at throughout the course.

Build a Strategic Marketing Plan

Create a Professional Website for a Business



the Internet

Learn how to Promote Your Site Online

The Wix Small Business Center was established in cooperation with the city of Tel Aviv. Managed by Wix, it’s designed to be a place where small business owners can meet personally with Wix professionals. Experts from Wix are happy to offer advice on any relevant subject and help business owners learn how to increase their online presence.


The WixHub also hosts meetings and training sessions on a variety of subjects to help business owners learn how to promote their businesses online. Finally, the Hub is a place where business owners can work and hold meetings.

Meet the Team

Meet the people who make WixHub happen!

צרו קשר

Course Syllabus

Welcome! In this course, you will learn how to build websites using Wix and get to know the world of the Internet. The course includes 6, three-hour sessions. Gain the skills you need to create websites on the Wix platform and take advantage of the large variety of additional products that Wix offers.


Learn how to send email newsletters to your customer base, promote your website online, manage clients behind-the-scenes, create a marketing plan and more.


How is the course structured?

Each of the 6 classes begins with a lecture about the topics described in the syllabus. The lecture is supported by in-class assignments and exercises to complete at home.


What are the course objectives?

There are several goals:

  • To teach business owners how to use Wix to build and finalize a website that is mobile optimized and takes advantage of relevant Wix products.

  • To offer business owners a basic understanding of online marketing and various concepts in the online world.

  • To connect Wix employees and small business owners and create new opportunities for collaboration.


Introduction to Wix and the course. Learn basic Internet concepts and get an overview of content strategy and the Wix editor.

An in-depth look at the Wix editor. Learn the research you need to know before you start building a website, uses of a blog and how to create a homepage and sitemap.

Learn SEO - both how to promote a website in general and specifically using Wix. Get tips on how to market your site using social media.

Introduction to basic design concepts, user experience (UX), building an online content strategy and content for mobile websites. Learn about the Wix mobile editor and where to find design inspiration.

Overview of how to send out a newsletter or email campaign. Learn how to plan your time and execute a successful overall marketing strategy for your business.

Class 6

Pitching your Website and Marketing Strategy!

סילבוס הקורס
הכירו את הצוות
נורית רדר, סמנכלית תפעול ומנהלת את המרכז לעסקים קטנים של וויקס בנמל תל אביב
Nurit Reder
VP Operation
טל כץ הלמן, המרכז לעסקים קטנים של וויקס בתל אביב
Tal Katz Helman
The Wix Small Business Team
אלעד אדר עוזרי, מנהל הדרכות בוויקס, נמל תל אביב,
Elad Adar Ozeri

Education Manager

 Michal Cherry

The Wix Small Business Team

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